[Comic] – Recovery is…

Recovery isThis is certainly the case for me anyway.
It kind of lurks in the back of my broken brain, waiting. So I ignore any eating disordered thoughts I have, and have learnt to deal with the fact that they’ll probably always be there. It gets easier to ignore over time, there are days when things are tough, but there are days when I don’t have any ED thoughts at all.

Comic drawn on pixelmator for Mac.



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  1. I thought I was the only one who’s bum had it’s own moon… =)

    Neat stuff you can do with the pixelmator… very cool comix ! =)

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  2. Great comic **sigh** it really never goes away. I’ve been in ED recovery for, oh, 50 years (no, I’m not kidding) and I deal with it every day. I’m a restrictive “ana.” My weight is normal, which horrifies me. Every. Day. All. The. Time. That red devil of yours! Aaaaargh! Good work, take care, and keep on forgiving yourself!


  3. (I like that “old” me liked this originally…very good to see this today, I kind of needed it)

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  4. “I’m not listening” is the PERFECT response. For things like that, anyway. Good for you! –Diana

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    • I love this comic because it reminds me how much I’ve recovered since I did this. It’s all so much quieter now, still there, but easily ignorable. It used to be so loud. 🙂 Thanks for the comment 😀

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  5. Your art is inspiring. Not many know how hard it is to struggle with body image and fall into a pit. I admire you for being brave and for coming out strong. I lecture on eating disorders as part of my physiology class to second year college students and I make it a point to dwell longer into the topic because of my adolescent audience. They have responded quite positively for the past two years based on my assigned tasks. It would mean a lot if I could share some of your comics through my power point slides in the classroom. Students will love your artwork. 🙂


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