Happy St. Davids Day – #Weekendcoffeeshare

ifwewerehavingcoffeeIf we were having coffee… the first thing I would say is, “Happy St. David’s Day!”. I’m from Wales, and my daughter attends a Welsh medium school so we celebrate St. David’s Day pretty heavily. She even wore the little Welsh lady outfit to school on Friday, which you can see in this little comic I made for you. I wonder how many more years she’ll happily wear this to school for, I’m thinking next year will be the last.

HappyStDavidsDayIt was a rough week at first, getting back into the routine of school after my daughter had been off school the week previous because it was half term. I’m rubbish with altering my routine, but thankfully, mentally I’ve still been pretty good, I’m just suffering a bit physically. This is probably the longest time I’ve been in a normal phase of my mood disorder for years, I’m guessing the new medication I’m taking, Sertraline, on top of the Quetiapine I take at night is really helping me.

As I’ve been feeling really good mentally, it’s given me a lot of hope so I’ve actually been making the most of the feeling of awesomeness and been concentrating my efforts on my comics. I just need to learn how to complete them a little faster so I can keep on top of them, at the moment they take me a few hours each. I think I need to watch a few YouTube tutorials on Affinity Designer (The program I use to draw comics on my Mac) to learn some more skills. I’m completely self taught, the internet can be such a brilliant learning tool.

I’ve been gaming a lot less this week, mostly because I’ve been concentrating on my comics instead, and in terms of my free time, I have to choose between gaming or drawing, that is until I learn how to complete my comics a little faster. However, right now I’m bored of most of my games anyway, and am waiting impatiently for the end of March to come so I can play Borderlands, and Battlefield Hardline on my Xbox One, I’m so excited for these games!

I also had some pretty awesome news this week, I’m going to be taking part in another conference! I really enjoyed being a part of the “People Factor” conference, where I spoke in front of two hundred people, so I’m really excited for this new one. I think it will be even better because I know exactly what to expect so hopefully I’ll be a little less shaky with my nerves! I will be talking about my eating disorder and my recovery from it in order to help and give hope to the other patients of the NHS.

My little one also had some awesome news this week, she came first for her handwriting in the Eisteddfod! An Eisteddfod is a whole school competition type event which was part of the school’s St. David’s Day celebrations. She was really happy and excited to show me her certificate when I collected her from school on Friday, and we celebrated with a movie, manicures and a chip shop dinner. Little one makes me beam with pride on a daily basis.

I think I’ve decided that I’m going to focus all my energy on this blog instead of my other one. I just have too many limitations in time with all the projects I want to do, and it’s better to have one awesome blog instead of many rushed and incomplete blogs.

I hope you all have a Happy St. David’s Day, even if you’re not Welsh. 🙂

I loved the idea of a coffee share, so I just had to get involved, if you would also like to get involved or have a look at the other blogs taking part please check out Part Time Monster’s blog 🙂





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  1. Happy St. David’s Day! So, could I get a little more details on who this St. David was? I see a dragon there in your comic and that has my interest piqued. 😀

    Glad to see you completing so many comics!!!

    I too am looking forward to Borderlands. I never did finish 2 and this will be perfect for playing both Pre-Sequel and 2. 😀


    • St. David is the patron saint of Wales. There isn’t an awful lot known about him actually, other than he was a bishop and is credited with performing miracles and such. Apparently he lived for over 100 years despite his death being in 500 AD.
      The dragon is a cute version of our actual flag. The dragon is our national animal, just like the eagle is America’s. The daffodil too is our national flower.

      I love that I’ve been productive, feeling proud of myself.
      I cannot wait for Borderlands, I’ve been wanting to play the pre-sequel since it came out but I only have an Xbox One now. Did you know that you can pass your xbox 360 Borderlands 2 save over to Xbox One? How awesome is that? 🙂


      • Oh that’s awesome stuff. So he predates King Arthur, that is pretty fascinating.

        Well, that would be totally awesome, if I hadn’t reformatted my 360, LOL.


      • Aww no! I don’t know how the cross save works, I was hoping it had to do with the shift thing I entered codes into.


      • oh you know what, that is probably it. I never got past the first level in BL2, so I am not too worried, lol.


      • I hope so! I have 2 characters at level 61 at OP level 8 with all the weapons you could ever want! We’ll have to play when it comes out! I will end up playing it through again with either Zero or that mechromancer chick with the robot. 🙂


  2. Dydd Gwyl Dewi Hapus 🙂

    Half term just over, Easter rapidly approaching……don’t like my routine being messed with


  3. Congrats on your little one’s accomplishment. And a high-five to you for celebrating it. As an educator, it means a lot to me when parents are genuinely excited about their child’s academic achievements. Dinner, movie, and a manicure? Lucky little one!


    • Why thank you 🙂 Education has helped me a lot in my life, so it’s definitely something which I’ve tried to encourage in my little one. Learning is awesome! Thanks for commenting! 🙂


  4. Happy St. David’s Day, and also congrats on being asked to participate in another conference!

    Loving the comic work that you’re doing—thanks for joining us at coffee share!


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