If we were having coffee… In Thedas #weekendcoffeeshare


If we were having coffee, I’d ask if you’d like to come on a journey with me to the continent of Thedas, the fictional Dragon Age Inquisition continent.

Lately, I’ve mostly been falling in love with Dragon Age. I’ve already spent 43 hours in the game, and I haven’t even completed that many main missions yet. My next main mission is, “Wicked minds and wicked hearts”. I’ve mostly spent time exploring with my faithful mount, who my little one named Shadow, and getting to know Cullen very well indeed (giggle).
I didn’t think that I’d like this game as much as I do. It reminds me of Mass Effect a lot, in the way that it sucks you in and makes you believe you are really in that universe. Dragon Age, like Mass Effect is made by Bioware, geniuses of story telling. From now on, I will buy every Bioware game that comes into existence, because, like no other game developer, they know how to make me feel very real feelings, for very not real things.

On a date with Cullen.

On a date with Cullen.

I wish more games were as much of an experience as Bioware games.

After getting used to the crafting elements, and combat system, I really started to have so much fun playing Dragon Age. My character is awesome, she’s a dual wielding Rogue who I named, “Shepard” for obvious obsessed with Mass Effect reasons. Rogues are a really fun class to play, and suits my play style of, get-up-in-peoples-faces. I love the skill trees in this game, I can imagine myself picking Rogue again, but having a completely different playable character by choosing different skill sets. I went with the Double Dagger and Assassin skill trees for my current Rogue. The Assassin skill tree is definitely my favourite, which was unlocked by completing a side quest. After a few side missions, I was lucky enough to get my Rogue some unique weapons and armour, and I love the fact that Skyhold, my home, has the option of tinting my armour.

In Dragon Age, you have the ability to choose what kind of person your character is through dialogue choices, Shepard the Rogue is a good person, who always tries to help people, and I choose friendly dialogue options. The only time I choose other dialogue options is when I’m referred to as, “The Herald of Andraste”. Everyone thinks I’m this special person with my green glow, and that I was sent from God to help save the world. I knew from the beginning I wasn’t really the Herald, but I always use the Herald card when I want something, like someone to join my team or to gain favour with certain characters. Otherwise, like I said to Cassandra, I’m definitely not the herald, and I don’t even believe much in a maker, all I want to do is close the rifts that are letting all kinds of horrible enemies pile into my world from the fade.

dragonageroguecolorI’m looking forward to making more important decisions in my game, I’ve already chosen to side with the Mages, and I chose to exile the Grey wardens as I did not trust them. I imagined that they’d cause future problems for me if I let them stay. Although, making decisions, like in real life, always makes me a bit anxious, wondering if I’ve chosen the “right” option for my character, and for my companions. However, I was rewarded so much with choosing Mages over the Templars, that mission has been my favourite so far.

There’s a lot of exploring and “farming” of materials needing to be done in this game, but it’s not a problem for me at all, I definitely don’t see it as a chore and I even get totally lost in the game doing it because the maps are so beautiful. The level designers did an astounding job, and I often catch myself staring into beautiful vistas. By far the most magnificent beings in the game are the dragons, watching a dragon fly around the beautiful scenery is breathtaking. I haven’t actually killed my first dragon yet, although I’m planning on doing that tomorrow, hopefully it won’t go as badly as the first time I stumbled upon a dragon when I was a level 4, basically the dragon sneezed and it wiped out everyone, including myself, in five seconds flat.

I haven’t actually seen coffee in the Dragon Age universe, there are plenty of pubs though, so maybe this week we’d have pale ales instead, propping up the bar in Skyhold.

If you’d like to take part in the Weekend Coffee Share, be sure to check out Part Time Monsters blog! 🙂


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  1. I’ve heard really good things about this game, but never in this much detail. Sounds more fun than I imagined. 🙂


  2. My daughter loves your little pics, she’s into anime etc


  3. Glad to hear our liking Dragon Age Rhio 🙂 The game is pretty awesome, interesting to hear you moved from Mass Effect to try Dragon Age.

    My Girlfriends doing the exact opposite at the moment, playing Mass Effect after falling in love with Dragon Age 🙂

    Oh, and she’s in love with Cullen too!


    • Really hope your girlfriend likes Mass Effect as much as I did 😀
      I was worried about the open world features of Mass Effect 4, but after playing this, I’m less worried, I could get lost in this universe for days! 🙂


  4. Sounds like a great game… though I’ve had to swear off games that really suck you into the universe. They’re amazing — but then I stop creating my own worlds and just play in others, not a good thing for someone trying to get novels written!
    Enjoy a few beautiful vistas for me! I remember spending some time in a few games just having my character sitting there, staring out at the scenery while chatting with friends!


  5. Have you killed your first dragon yet? 😀 I’m fairly sure my first one was the Crestwood dragon. Also, I really enjoyed the Wicked Minds quest in Orlais, so much fun. Personally I couldn’t send the Wardens away, but that’s probably because you play as a Warden in the first DA game, and I felt way too attached to them as a group to exile them. I am very curious to see how your brave decision plays out. So glad you’re still enjoying it.


    • I actually uncovered a bunch of codex and letters from the wardens after I had made my decision and then I wondered if I had made the right decision :/ I’ve been reading the wiki to catch up on some stuff and actually reading the codex now.
      Yes, I killed my first dragon yesterday in the Hinterlands and then today I killed the one in Emerald Graves, I was near there for a mission so I thought, “May as well try”. I think the giants are more challenging, lol, because they tend to call their friends, I had to try and kill 3 at once earlier! It was rough. I was drunk on potions the entire time.
      I really enjoyed the wicked minds quest, I’ve always wanted to go to a masquerade ball! Then Cullen danced with me, I wanted more of that scene, kind of like Garrus in the citadel dlc haha. I’m catching up on the war table quests right now and completing some more side missions before I carry on, and I think I’ll do the dlc soon.
      I’ve just got Blackwall back from prison, I made the decision to break him out but let the wardens deal with him later when I’m done with him.
      This game is awesome, I didn’t think I’d love it quite as much as I do, but I’m heavily invested now. I wish I’d put more effort into the other games now though! I’m not a big fan of medieval type stuff, but for some reason Dragon Age is the exception to the rule.


      • I think you made a good decision. Had I not been so Warden-friendly myself I would have made the exact same one, because it’s definitely the most practical.
        The giants in the Graves, LOL! Yes. Their buddies come thumping in, and it was so hard not to pull others in the area as the party moved around during the fight. I had a 3 giant battle too at one stage, and I was SWEATING by the end of it. 😀
        Loved the Graves dragon. Who are you using as your tank? I had Cassandra, and she lives forever. She actually had the final blow against the Graves dragon, because everyone else (including my Quizzie) was dead. The Emerald Graves in general was a beautiful map.
        Garrus and Shep dancing the Tango in the Citadel DLC is one of my favourite gaming moments. Dancing with Cullen wasn’t as fun, but rather sweet as earlier on he’s like, “I don’t dance.” And I was like, “Okay, Commander Moody-Pants”. But then on the balcony he says, “For you, I’ll try.” And I go, “Awwww!” *melts*
        I made the exact same decision with Blackwall. What did you think of that little development? I had a “shouting at my monitor” moment when I found out. WTF BLACKWALL.
        It took a lot of convincing for me to play DA, too. I’d just finished ME, and my brother was insistent that I give DA a go. I’m very glad I did.


      • Hahaha I was also shouting at the TV when I read Blackwalls note, like, WTF because I had grown to really like him. It made me not want to go to bed last night because before I leave the game I go and talk to everyone and that’s when I found out! Then today when he was telling me how horrible his crime was I was all, “No game, please don’t make me hate him!”. I had to get him out because he has been my tank! Although for a few missions when he was in prison, because my war table was busy, I had a lot of fun with Cassandra, she’s awesome! I didn’t like her much in the beginning, but over the course of the game, and with her love of smutty Varric novels, I’ve begun to like her a lot. Right now I prefer her to Leliana, that might change though, lol. I was also using Iron Bull for a long while, just because everything he says is hilarious, and I always bring him to dragon fights because he gets really excited, “Please tell me we are going to kill it!”. I have Vivienne as the Mage in my party, she’s so awesome, but a bit over powered! She never dies, ever.

        Emerald Graves is such an awesome map, I’m really in love with Hissing wastes as well ,with the giant moon in the background, shame there’s not much else there, but 10/10 for sky! It’s given me a bunch of ideas for art/comics. I still have so much exploring to do, I can see how you spent over 100 hours in the game, because I can see I’m not even near half way done with the side missions and some of my maps have quest markers under blackness of lack of exploration! I love that the quests are not totally repetitive either, and I really love the companion quests.
        I think the only thing I would change about this game is the war table, but it is a bit better now after the patch the other day, my missions kept disappearing. and it took forever to find where I needed to go.

        Cullen is a bit of a sweetheart isn’t he?! There have been a few *melts* moments for me too, and an “Oh my!”. I hope Mass Effect 4’s romance follows the same path as this game, I like that it’s a tad bit more involved, without being too mushy.
        I’m also so glad I got this game, Battlefield Hardline came out the other day, and I had been really looking forward to it, I’ve played it once, been having too much fun in DA to put it down!


  6. I really need to play Inquisition at some point. I didn’t get it on release because Dragon Age II disappointed me so very much years ago. But I still have the fondest memories of my Dragon Age Origin character and playthrough.

    If and when I do, I’ll let you know and compare notes or ask for advice. Knowing me, I’ll probably play a Mage but specced as a warrior, sort of close-combat-wizard. It was possible in DAO, I hope I can still do it in Inquisition!


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