Rhio as the Siren – [Gaming]

So Borderlands 2 came out for Xbox One, and this has made me very happy indeed. I’ve been having lots of fun playing it, I forgot how much fun playing Borderlands with friends is. It’s probably my favourite Co-op game of all time. My favourite character is Maya the Siren, and I decided to draw myself as her, kind of in the style of Borderlands.



I also made a youtube video of my class set up for a friend so here is the video (I kick so much butt at the end!)

I’m glad Borderlands came out when it did because it means I’m having a break from Dragon Age, not that I felt that I needed to stop playing Dragon Age, but… umm… and this is going to make me sound like a complete nerd but, I played Mass Effect way too fast and I want to make Dragon Age last. You can only play it through the first time once (aww!), unless the technology that exists in Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind makes its way to real life so I can have my memory erased just to play it over again for the first time.

Anyway, just a quick visit while I still recover from ‘flu and my medication increase, I’ll be right as rain soon enough and back to my positive posting self.

Have a great Easter Weekend 🙂




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3 replies

  1. Oh yeah, it is Easter weekend, isn’t it?

    You are the second person I know who just loves Dragon Age. I can’t give in though…I am supposed to be getting Mortal Kombat X! Grrrr. 😉


    • I think you’d like Dragon Age, maybe get it on sale after you’re done with Mortal Kombat? 😀
      The only reason I knew it was easter is because little one is off school and my house is a no tread zone due to lego! 😀


  2. Never got into DA, but Borderlands has been my thing since…. since it first started really. Grabbed the Handsome Collection Easter weekend, because, even though I’ve played through BL2 and Pre-Sequel, my fiance is willing to try it out. She tends to avoid FPS’s though, so, this should be hilarious: but I get to start from the beginning again, which is gonna be great.

    Love the artwork! 🙂


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