Happy Star Wars Day Comic :)

StarWarsDayfinishedI’ve always wanted to be a lady stormtrooper, and it looks as though my fantasy could come to [game] life when the new Star Wars Battlefront game comes out. I am really looking forward to that!
I’ve always been a big Star Wars fan, and my little one is too. My house is full of Star Wars lego which my little one and I have equal amounts of fun playing with. I also LOVE the Star Wars Lego games, I think we’ve played all of them, my favourite one is the Lego Movie video game.

Have a great Star Wars day! 🙂



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    May the 4th be with you !!!!


  2. I absolutely love Star Wars and Legos! When my younger self discovered there were Star Wars Legos he was ecstatic!


  3. The Lego Movie one was that good? I just finished The Hobbit last night (FINALLY) and I was just tired of it. I guess I am too used to having Lego superheroes that can fly at least 😀

    May the fourth be with you too! 😀


    • Yeah I liked the Hobbit one, but it was our least favourite one out of all of them. It got a bit of a chore to get some of the achievements.
      The Lego Movie one is incredibly bouncy, and of course there’s so many characters in it! It’s hard not to smile while playing it!


  4. Happy Star Wars Day Rhio & Little One!

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  5. Happy Star Wars Day! And May the Force be with you always!


  6. I love Star Wars too! I’m the Star Wars geek in my family. My husband is the Star Trek geek. At least we can be geeks together. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by Throwback Thursday!


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