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If we were having coffee, I think I would choose some kind of nice fruit tea because my brain is overly wired anyway, adding caffeine to the mix would probably be a bad idea.

If we were having tea, I would tell you about mine and Seren’s last week of summer. We’ve had so much fun since she’s been off school and I can’t believe it’s been six weeks already! I’m not really looking forward to her going back to school, but I think it will be good for me to get back into a good routine. Routine is super important to avoid the mentals.

If you read last weeks coffee share you’d know that we were working on a “My Little Pony” painting together, and I’m excited to tell you that we’ve finished it! It’s now hanging on Seren’s wall in her bedroom and it looks so cute! The walls in her bedroom are slowly getting filled up with art!


At the beginning of the week Seren and I went to town for lunch, and plenty of window shopping. Seren bought Rainbow Dash in cuddly toy form with her pocket money. She’s been super helpful around the house helping me with cleaning and I reward her for such with pocket money. She is always super proud to spend her earned money on whatever she wants.


We spent the rest of the week having fun at home until yesterday when we spent the day with a lovely friend of mine in town. We had pub lunch and chatted about anything and everything. I was very proud of myself for going to town on a Saturday. Usually I avoid weekends in town because just thinking about the large masses of people freaks me out. I was also super proud of myself because Seren and I did that on top of not sleeping properly the night before. We were exhausted and couldn’t sleep due to my neighbours dog barking continuously all night without pause. It’s loud enough that I can’t even hear my tv over it, let alone sleep. I had quite a bit of pain from not sleeping and felt absolutely horrible and hungover because I hadn’t slept off my meds enough (Medication hangovers… bleurgh) but we still managed to get to town albeit a bit later than planned and had a great time. My friend was super cute with Seren, and bought her a really cute pig ornament and it feels so much more amazing socialising and having fun offline.  So when I got home, I felt like Super Rhio and that I’d achieved something because going out on the busiest day of the week whilst being so tired is an achievement for me. I am paying for it now though, ugh, I feel really weak and tired, despite being mentally wired, however it was definitely worth it.

I’ve also had a lot of fun gaming this week and ventured into the Life is Strange universe.


Screenshot captured in game.

Life is Strange is a decision based game from Square Enix, and the protagonist Max, pictured above, is able to time travel. It’s basically the butterfly effect for true nerds. There are references to several books in this game, like those of Ray Bradbury, and plenty of references to tv shows. Max is a photography student, so plenty of photography references included too. What’s different about this game compared to those of Telltale Games is the decisions you make actually mean something. There seems to be more combinations of stories than other games, and talking about it to my friend, we had vastly different stories because of the different decisions we’ve made. It’s also a lot more involved, so in my opinion, is more fun than playing Telltale Games episodes.
I played episodes 1-4 this week and cannot wait for episode 5 to come out in October now. I really enjoyed it, and will be playing another playthrough so I can make different decisions. I highly recommend you guys getting this game.

I’ve also had fun playing the Black Ops 3 beta on Xbox One. I love the movement because it reminds me of Titanfall, and the supers remind me of Destiny, two games I’ve really enjoyed. I still prefer playing Battlefield though to Call of Duty but I probably will buy Black Ops 3 for Zombies because I really love Black Ops Zombies. However Battlefront comes out the same time so I can see myself just playing that for a while. The beta is currently open, so you don’t need a download code to play it, I think it’s cool that CoD did that and I do wish more games would have betas because they really help me decide if I should buy the game or not.

I should go now… I have a lot of school uniform washing and ironing to do for Seren’s first week back. It’s a bit of a pain washing and ironing brand new clothes, but if I don’t, Seren comes out in rashes so there is no choice! I swear it’s that stain resistant stuff they add to uniforms, I have to wash them on 60 degrees to get it all off. Can’t be good for your skin if Seren has such severe reactions to it.
I think I’ll join you guys for some coffee too first though… Procrastination rules!

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  1. I’m glad you’ve been able to enjoy the last days before returning to school. It’s important to send them off to school happy. It sets the tone for the whole school year. At least that’s my opinion! I hope she has a wonderful and productive school year!


  2. Sounds like you’ve had a fun week! Love that painting that you guys did—looks great! 🙂


  3. I haven’t got round to playing life is strange yet, seen plenty of playthroughs on YouTube though, so I don’t know if I’ve spoilt it for myself, but then I guess a lot of it is about choice and consequence, so I guess there’s no harm in giving it a go! I’m also looking forward to episode 5 after seeing the end of episode 4!

    That painting is awesome by the way 🙂

    Sorry I never comment much these days, I always read your blog when I can though!

    Agnes xxx


    • Aww hey! It’s okay, it’s just great to hear from you!
      I really enjoyed Life is Strange and cannot wait for episode 5… The ending of 4, WOW did not see that coming AT ALL! Thanks, the little one and I are always up to creative stuff. So much fun! 🙂 xx


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