Poorly Little One – #WeekendCoffeeShare


If we were having coffee, or hot chocolate with extra marshmallows (Which, currently I am mildly addicted to), I’d tell you how utterly exhausted I am.

Since September, my daughter has been so ill, pretty much constantly, except for a few weeks here and there (Thankfully, she had a great birthday and was well for that). This week she started off okay, but Thursday, World Book Day (The day when kids seem to dress up as their favourite film character, but that’s another story entirely), I had to go and get my dressed up as Matilda daughter from school, as she was sick from coughing so much. Things went rapidly downhill from there, and Friday morning she woke up with what she thought was a bite on her arm. So she came into my room saying, “Mummy, there’s this bite on my arm”, but clearly my kid had not looked in the mirror yet, because her face was absolutely covered in hives or urticaria or whatever you want to call it. After giving her anti histamines, things only got worse.


We ended up taking a trip to the doctors and she was diagnosed with bronchitis, and her allergy type rash is because of that. She was given a pump for her bronchitis and stronger anti histamines. Unfortunately, the anti histamines still aren’t working, and when she woke up this morning, ridiculously early because she was so uncomfortable, the rash had turned into one giant hive causing swollen hands, and ankles. The doctor and the internet says it can last 48 hours so hopefully it will start getting better tomorrow. The pump is working, she’s still coughing really bad, but I can tell it’s doing what it is supposed to do.

What surprises me the most, is despite all the illness she’s struggled with, pretty much constantly, she’s still so positive. She asked me to take a picture of her back last night, because she wanted to see how bad it was. She was so glad I did because she said it looked like a penguin and it made her laugh. I really wish I could be that positive about rubbish stuff. Bless her. I hope she starts getting better tomorrow.

Things haven’t all been doom and gloom. At the beginning of the week, I bought myself Call of Duty Black Ops 3, and it was a huge surprise that it was so good. I’ve always preferred Black Ops because of zombies, but even the multiplayer is good. I’ve been really enjoying playing it by myself and with my friends. Surprising!

Anyway, I should get going and get my little one some dinner. I also need to go shopping for a new theme, as the theme I’m currently using doesn’t allow for complex tables. Given that I talk about several different topics, I figured that a theme with menus and submenus would make it easier to get to the topic people want to read about. I also thought it would be better for some of the mental health posts I want to do.

I hope your weekend has been better than ours.


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  1. I know I’m not your daughter’s doctor, but as a pediatrician it is my duty to tell you that a rash like you describe can be very dangerous. If it were my child I would take her to an emergency department, preferably pediatric, but if that is unavailable, the best one in your area. A raised red rash that does not respond to antihistamines can be very serous.


    • The doctor we saw said that it’s not serious, although you’re right it can be. I’ve kept her very close to me incase it causes her lips or tongue to swell, in which case I’d call for an ambulance immediately. However it’s unlikely in her case because it’s not an allergic response, it’s a response to her infection, urticaria lasts way longer if it’s not an allergic response, as you’re probably already aware. It is clearing up on her face, but her extremities are bad now.
      I’ll be taking her back to the doctor first thing in the morning if there’s still no real improvement.
      Thank you, for your concern.


  2. Oh wow, I’m very sorry about how sick your daughter has been! And this after being sick off and on for a few months? Poor girl. I hope it clears up soon!


  3. Your poor daughter. I hope she’s better soon. Sounds like she deserves months and months and months of good health. It’s probably wearing on you, too.


  4. Your poor girl! I am always amazed at how resilient and adaptable kids can be sometimes. We adults could learn from them, huh!? Hope she is on the road to recovery. Thanks for the hot chocolate!😊

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  5. Hitting the “Like” button on this post doesn’t feel quite right, but there’s no button to express sympathy. I’m sorry to hear about you & your daughter’s rough week, here’s hoping she’s well and you’re both feeling much better soon.


  6. I’m very sorry to hear that your daughter is sick. Children constantly surprise at how positive they are and how they reassure us that they are okay. Its hard maintaining positive thoughts when your little one is so sick. I hope she soon improves and gets her allergies under control. Hugs to you both.

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  7. Sorry to learn your daughter has been so very sick. I pray you find something will help her.


    • Bless you, thank you. Something must have worked as she woke up this morning and her rash was a lot better than yesterday! We’re moving in the right direction now. Thank you for your kind words.


  8. Poor kid. Hope she’s feeling better. (Side note: your lego pics are always on point.)


  9. Oh dear, poor girls—both of you! It can be such a nightmare to have a sick child. Even if they’re in good spirits, the Mommy Anxiety goes through the roof. I hope that things are clearing up and that she is feeling better soon.

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  10. So sorry to hear that your daughter is so unwell and you’re both no getting much sleep. I’ve been there myself. My daughter was admitted to hospital when she was 8 months old with a UTI and we were there for a week. I was a zombie when we got home and just had to get on with things.
    My Mum says she used to catch everything and bring it home and she’s till prone.
    Hope things start looking up soon.
    xx Rowena

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    • I’m kind of hoping my kid is the exact opposite to me, I was never sick as a kid, but now I can’t get a cold or flu without getting things like pneumonia or pleurisy. I hope my kid turns into a super healthy adult! Her rash is a lot better today, so at least that’s something 😀 Thank you and take care xx

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  11. Sending gentle hugs and good wishes to you both. ❤

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