#WeekendCoffeeShare – A pretty positive week


If we were having coffee in my cosy freshly cleaned living room, I’d tell you how hot drinks are keeping me going at the moment because it’s been bitterly cold in Wales this week. There were even a few flakes of snow falling when I went to the shop the other day.

If we were having coffee, I’d tell you that I’m pretty happy that I got discharged from the Home Treatment Teams (HTT) care yesterday. My mental health is now back to being manageable which means that I’m starting to enjoy things again, and self care is actually working and making a difference. The HTT always help me so much, it’s comforting to know that they will be there if I’m in a crisis, and I realise that I’m lucky being able to access their services whenever I need it.

My little one is also happier this week as her care worker at Barnados Young Carers said that she will help us get my little one into a high school which has better pastoral care. I have been incredibly worried about the high school my little one has been assigned to (due to catchment areas, and other boring stuff), and I feel it definitely isn’t right for her (For so many reasons). My daughter also felt the same way, and because of her anxiety attacks and her finding them super embarrassing (which isn’t helped by the kids laughing at her because of it), wants to start high school with new people and have a fresh start. Her care worker said that she’d help us reapply on medical grounds so it has taken a bit of the stress away. It helped me so much because without me saying anything to her care worker about the school situation, she said that she thought the school my daughter was going to would not be in her best interests, so it made me feel less like I was being anxious or neurotic about it because she thinks the same as I do. After the care worker left our house, my daughter felt so much more positive, she even said she now feels excited about starting high school in September. There’s going to be a lot of paperwork and so forth, but it should get sorted soon.

If we were having coffee, I’d tell you that my eBay delivery of canvasses arrived and my daughter and I have been painting. I posted my daughters painting on Facebook, and bless my friends, they really seemed to love it. Here is her painting:-


and here is my painting, it’s a family portrait, haha.


I wasn’t really feeling the creative buzz, but it’s just so fun to paint. I had wanted to paint a killer whale originally. At least the next time I am feeling the creative buzz I have plenty of spare canvasses to hand. My daughter always surprises me with her creativity and ideas. She said she felt driven to paint the time of night where the sky looks so colourful behind the blackness of the trees and mountains. My Facebook friend said that it’s called the “Blue hour”, and I think that describes her painting pretty well.

If we were having coffee I’d tell you that it’s now the 4 year anniversary of my recovery from an eating disorder and I wrote about it in this post:-  4 Year Anniversary of Eating Disorder Recovery if you’d like to read it. I had previously talked more about what it’s like to have an eating disorder rather than my recovery from it, so it felt pretty cool to write about it in a different way.

So how are you guys? Have a good week?

Hope you have a great weekend.

Rhio x

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  1. Both canvases are lovely. Hope everything goes well with the schools, being somewhere you’re not happy can be such a crushing experience.


  2. Sounds like things are looking up on all fronts this week. I like your family portrait – looks just like pictures I’ve seen of you, not counting the “Sim-Rhio” from last week 😉 I like your daughter’s painting.


  3. I loved the paintings! I am so glad you both are getting good care and your daughter will find a better school to go to.

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  4. I love both of the paintings, but I am especially drawn to your daughters.


  5. I like her painting. Nice colors.


  6. Love the family portrait. And by the way, your daughter feeling driven to paint “the time of night where the sky looks so colourful behind the blackness of the trees and mountains” Looks like she is a keen observer, and if she herself put it in those words, she would even make for a great storyteller, besides a visual artist as she grows up. Best wishes to her, and looking forward to seeing more stuff from her here.

    Hope things fall in place for you sooner. Have a great weekend being home, and painting maybe. 🙂


  7. Congratulations on your recovery and good thing henceforth. It is afternoon here and already 70 degrees Fahrenheit. There is no wind out and very nice on the porch. The pictures are excellent and a impressive addition to the blog.

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  8. I really like the paintings. Good for you and your daughter taking time out to create art. Good luck with the high school stuff. Wherever she ends up it can be a fresh start.

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  9. I love both paintings. The “blue hour” is my favorite time in the evening, especially for photographing things. Most photographers prefer the “golden” hours (at sunrise and sunset), but there’s just something about the blue before dark that appeals to me. So glad things are looking up for you, and I hope the high school works out. I remember what it was like to be made fun of whilst in school. A fresh start would have been just the thing, if it had been possible back in those days.

    Thank you for the coffee and the chat. 🙂


    • For me, I like the blue hour because it’s when i feel connected to space, the moon and the solar system. If I was a photographer I’d have taken plenty of star trail time lapse photos and moon photos by now :D.

      I was both lucky and unlucky with my high school. Educationally, the school I went to was great, and I really enjoyed going there, and made quite a few close friends. The school was RUBBISH at handling mental health issues though, of which I struggled with when I was a teenager, so I felt alienated and had to pretend I was fine a lot which was sometimes impossible. They assumed, because of my mental health issues, that I was on drugs, when I’d never even seen drugs. They never ever even considered an alternative.
      It’s hard to strike the right balance between pastoral care, and education. I just hope she enjoys high school more than she has primary school, because I know she’s going to be upset going back to school this week. 😦
      Hope you have a great week 🙂


  10. What gorgeous paintings, you are both so creative! Wow snow in Wales, I definitely don’t want any of that here in Finland 😎 Wishing you a great week ahead!


    • I live on the lowland of Wales too, not in the beautiful mountains! I suspect the weather will improve now the kids are going back to school this week. It’s usually how Wales works haha.
      Best wishes to you, hope you also have a great week! 🙂

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  11. Rhio, I felt such sadness reading your post and yet also such optimism. I have had similar issues with my son starting high school this year. It has been a huge transition from primary school for him and for the first four weeks he really fell in a huge ditch of complete disorganisation. I knew he would but had edxpected him to lose everything around school – not under his bed at home! I was much the same at his age and am not much better. He has had periods of severe depression and has been brutalised at school at times. He can shoot himself in both feet so easy as well which doesn’t help. Fortunately, we’re making progress. He completely surprised me when he wrote some poems for school. I thought he’d refuse to do it and flunk altogether but instead did really well. I helped him with the structure of the first one and he talked through it but it was his own work. He then had to write some Haiku. We had a night of Haiku and Mash at home and he wrote quite a profound Haiku which I think you and your daughter would like. https://beyondtheflow.wordpress.com/2016/03/01/haiku-mash/
    He’s got immersed into Minecraft, which is a mixed blessing but he’s developed some great friends online and I hear him chatting away and laughing so much more fluently than in real life. It intrigues me. That said, he also needs to see his friends. It’s a constant tweaking working on that balance but it’s hard to intervene when he’s happy. xx Rowena

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    • I can understand the shooting at your own feet. I did that a lot at high school, but couldn’t ever explain why I did what I did. I think that’s what my daughter is most embarrassed about, and the kids will not let it lie.
      I’ve always thought mental health issues are linked to creativity. For me, creativity has helped me immensely express the thoughts in my head. My daughter too. Minecraft is a pretty good game for that. To be creative in a safe environment with limitless possibilities.
      My daughter plays more minecraft when she’s got stuff on her mind and doesn’t feel right, and wants to do real life stuff more when she’s feeling better, so I’ve let her decide when she wants to play, but I give her a 20 minute warning when she’s been playing for “too long”. Minecraft really isn’t harmful though and not really addictive like other games (I’m a gamer 🙂 Gaming helps me SO MUCH when I’m struggling )
      I’m so glad you and your son are making progress.
      Your sons Haiku is pretty amazing. I really like the snow and beach one. That kind of describes how i feel sometimes, everyone is happy and sunny, and I feel like the snow, cold, and not fun.

      I hope your son continues to improve. Thank you for such an amazing comment.
      Rhio xx

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      • You’re welcome, Rhio. I related very strongly to your scenario and wanted to share. I don’t put much about that on my own blog to protect his privacy. One of the things I’ve found really helpful was to have out of school friends for your kids so they don’t have all their eggs in one basket. Some people are also better in small doses and that way they don’t overwhelm a few people. I will take on board what you said about gaming more when things aren’t going so well. My son has found the transition to high school difficult so no surprise he’s on more often. Take care xx Rowena


  12. Hope everything works out for the little one. Other kids can be so rotten.

    I love the paintings. The tree is beautiful.

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  13. Thank you for sharing your creative works. I love both the tree and the family portrait. 🙂
    Hope you continue to do well, Rhio! 🙂


  14. Self soothing. What a wondrous… Yet exceptionally difficult tasks for us who have grown as perfectionists.

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