Daryl Dixon in the Sims 4 – My Sim family Part One.

04-25-16_9:22:41 PM

Sim Daryl and Sim Rhio watching “Sims of the Dead”.

I love playing the Sims, ever since The Sims 2 I’ve been a bit of a Sims addict. The Sims 3 is my favourite, but I do enjoy Sims 4.

I started my Sims 4 family with Sim Commander Shepard from Mass Effect, and she was married to Kaidan Alenko, sort of fulfilling the fantasy that Shepard truly survived the trilogy and settled down with Kaidan. She took up a new career in medicine, because she loves to help everyone and always respected Dr. Chakwas. Kaidan ended up choosing the astronaut career.

However, one day at work, Sim Rhio Shepard met Sim Daryl Dixon from The Walking Dead. He came in with Llama Flu.

03-27-16_6:09:42 PM

They instantly fell in love. Who can resist Daryl? Even with that swirly rash all over his body.

Long story short, Sim Rhio got a divorce (and a new hairstyle) and instantly moved in with Sim Daryl. Don’t you just love how Sims can go from strangers to best friends, to lovers and housemates in the space of about 20 minutes? That’s the kind of social I can get on board with. Sim Daryl was at the top of the entertainment career, so Sim Rhio moved in with him to share the household Simoleons. I haven’t ever married into money in the Sims 4 before, so this was pretty awesome.

They married pretty quickly and shared their day with many other Sims, including other members of the Walking Dead cast.

04-25-16_7:57:14 PM

They went away on honeymoon to Granite Falls (Outdoor Retreat expansion pack). Considering Sim Daryl loves the outdoors, it was a perfect destination for him. They spent the time away fishing, and hanging out around the campfire. Shame there wasn’t an option to roast squirrels on the campfire, because I’m pretty sure Sim Daryl would have enjoyed that.

04-28-16_8:13:00 PM

They stayed for 3 days, and were joined by some of their friends. Sim Rhio took a couple of selfies.


04-28-16_8:09:38 PM

With Sim Rick Grimes

04-28-16_8:50:45 PM

With Sim Michonne and Sim Glenn being displeased in the background.

Soon enough though, they had to return home to work. Sim Rhio is level 5 of the medicine career and looking forward to promotion as she and Daryl plan to live in a new build mansion. However, after two days of work, and Sim Rhio constantly being sick and tired, they realised that they had a lasting souvenir of their amazing honeymoon. Sim Rhio was pregnant! All that Woohooing in bushes, closets and tents led to a baby!

04-28-16_10:18:12 PM

They were both pretty excited at the prospect of becoming Sim parents. It was hard for Sim Rhio to work such an intensive job while pregnant, but as she’s so ambitious, she wanted to work right up until she had given birth so that she was closer than ever to promotion. The great thing about being in the medicine career, is that your friends end up being the ones delivering your baby so it made it extra exciting for Rhio to go to the hospital when the time came.

04-28-16_10:43:01 PM

And… it’s a girl! Presenting…

04-28-16_10:41:52 PM

Lil Ass Kicker. 😀

To be Continued…


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8 replies

  1. Love this little summary of your Sim. I played back in the day, but I have to hardcore ignore it now. I seriously could play and decorate forever.


    • Haha, I was like that in Sims 3, I spent hours making my own textures and stuff, and had Mass Effect rooms and so forth. I’m kind of glad you cannot do that in Sims 4, but I’ve had to limit my house building. I could spend ages doing that.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. This was great! Poor Kaidan Alenko he just can’t catch a break (he is dead in my game, lol).


  3. This is awesome! I used to love Sims back in the day.


    • I remember how much I loved Sims 2, it came out when I was pregnant, and I loved that Sims could now get pregnant. I played it SO MUCH until my daughter was born and I didn’t have time! 😀

      Liked by 1 person


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