#WeekendCoffeeShare – Friendship bracelets and BB8


If we were having coffee in my living room which is a bit upside down as I’m taking time out of doing chores to have coffee with you lovelies, I’d tell you that this weeks weather in Wales has been very weird. Yesterday, for instance, while going to my mums house to set up her Amazon Fire TV stick it was freezing and snowing. About an hour or so later, I went to collect my daughter from school and it was sunny and warm, too warm for the winter coat I was wearing. It reminded me of myself a lot, how my day can change in an instant.

I’ve been keeping myself busy this week. I’m still not feeling too great, but I am managing. I am happy that, right now, self care is working. The beginning of the week was mostly spent making friendship bracelets. My daughter had asked me how to make them, so I ended up showing her, and it reminded me how much making bracelets helped me in the past. I made loads of them when I was in ED recovery, I found it helped me to sit still when I had that horrible anxious energy that makes me want to pace endlessly around my flat. I made a penguin bracelet for my friend, and a teddy bracelet for my daughter.



They are so cute! My daughter was really pleased with the teddy bracelet and hasn’t taken it off since I gave it to her. I sent the penguin bracelet to my friend, and she was super happy, so that made me happy and cheered me up!

If we were having coffee, I’d tell you that I’ve been playing Sims 4 this week  and I wrote a post about the Sims. I wrote about my sim family here. I find the Sims is the best game to play when I don’t feel well, because it kills time more effectively than any other game. I really dislike the phrase “Killing time”, because time is such a precious entity, it’s finite and I hate the thought of trying to make it pass quicker than it normally does, but when I’m ill, I know the best thing I can do is wait it out, so if I can make that time pass quicker, or do something productive with it, it feels as though I’m getting better faster.

If we were having coffee, I’d tell you that I bought myself a BB8 funko pop to cheer myself up and I was super happy when it arrived. Here is BB8 and Rey Lego minifigure. How adorable!


If we were having coffee, I’d tell you that my daughter actually had an “awesome” week at school. I can’t remember the last time that happened, bless her. A few months ago, she won a competition and had her 100 word story featured in a book, so she was super excited when the finished published book finally arrived at school and she could bring it home this week. She said how much she loves being published, and was very proud of herself, and obviously, I was super proud of her too. She also came home with certificates for being a good learner and about 5 stickers for being good. We celebrated last night watching her choice of TV shows on Netflix and ate pizza from Domino’s.

She always works so hard, and her school is great at rewarding the kids that are consistently good. When I was in school, the consistently good kids got nothing, however, the naughty, badly behaved kids were praised massively if they occasionally behaved. I never understood why they couldn’t reward both.

If we were having coffee, I’d tell you that I started watching Homeland on Netflix, and I am enjoying it so far. It’s a little annoying in places, but overall it’s good to watch.

I hope you’ve all had a great week. I best get back to the weekend chores of washing, ironing and general tidying up while my daughter is at the farm with my mum.

If you’d like to take part in the Weekend Coffee Share, head to Diana at Part Time Monster blog. 



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  1. I love your friendship bracelets! You’re very talented – especially to make the penguin one!


    • My mum taught me how to make them when I was a kid. Once you have the basics, it’s easy to apply to more difficult designs, and the great thing about the internet is the hundreds of patterns available.
      I used to have to go and find books with patterns in when I was little. 🙂

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  2. Congratulations to your daughter. That is so cool that they published the story in a book. The stickers are nice, but she can keep the book forever and can always say, “I’m a published author”.

    The bracelets are great. Does drawing, etc. also help calm you down? When I’m creative I sometimes go into another dimension and look up 5 minutes later to find 5 hours have gone by.

    Sounds like it was a better week for your daughter than you. I hope next week can be good for both of you.

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    • Thank you so much Trent, I really appreciate you having coffee with me every week! 🙂
      Drawing does help, but not as much as gaming does, although I do still love drawing more than gaming. Since starting my medication I’ve struggled a lot with my creativity. I’m half as creative as I used to be. Unfortunately, that’s how my medication works. Creativity, therefore, is sometimes hard work. I also struggle with words. My writing used to be so much better than it is now.
      It’s getting better though, I have hope that it will return to normal if I just keep trying as it is better than when I first started taking meds, despite the fact the dose has increased massively since then.

      My daughter is super proud that she’s a published writer, she’s been telling everyone that will listen! Her creativity astounds me, constantly.

      Thank you again, I hope you also have a great week. 🙂

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    • If you would make her custom stickers with ‘Published Author’ for her notebooks and so on that would be über cool!

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  3. I love friendship bracelets and the ones you made are super cool. I would love to learn how to make one… Like a Panda one for example! Also, very cool BB8 (and Rey too, of course) 😉


  4. Love your Lego pictures. My little guy just got some Stars Lego for his birthday, and I got to help him put it all together. It was great. I like hearing about your life for your mother perspective. I love to talk about my own children, and enjoy their accomplishments and school activities so much. Thanks for sharing.

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    • Thank you. I actually like Lego now more than I did when I was a kid. I think that’s because I’ve had so much fun playing Lego with my little one!
      Thanks for the lovely comment. 😀


  5. Those friendship bracelets are gorgeous. I ended up making one last night/this morning for a friend after we ended up in tescos a little bit tipsy and noticed they still sold bracelet making kits with scoobies in them. Do you have a post where you show how to make them?
    Well done to your daughter as well. It’s lovely to hear that her story got featured in a book.


    • That’s actually a really good idea for a post! 😀 Shame I hadn’t thought of that already haha.
      I tend to get patterns from friendship-bracelets.net, and sometimes alter them so they are a bit different. They do have basic tutorials on there too.
      I’m so proud of my little one! She’s been writing even more stories ever since, so I told her I’d try to find her some more competitions that she can enter.


  6. Whoa, childhood flashback there! I spent whole summers making friendship bracelets and trying all the various designs. My jeans all had tiny holes at the knee from the safety pins so I could keep the thread tight. 🙂


    • Yes, it always reminds me of my childhood making them hehe. The school I went to at the time let us sell them at lunch time and we loved doing that so we could buy more threads. They used to encourage business like thinking 🙂

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  7. I love the bracelets. I’ve never learned to make them, as much as I would love to. One day I’ll give it another try!

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  8. This post made me smile. I am glad to see you’re being constructive with your daughter, it really comes through your writing the joy you feel being with her. Those bracelets are nifty. I play dumb mobile games to pass the time, so I know what you mean. I think I get so anxious it is hard for me to thing about doing something else, so I don’t think it is a bad thing. Congrats to your daughter for being published and the certificates! 🙂


    • Gaming is a great distraction. I love Bejewelled on mobile.
      Anything that gets me to sit still is a very good thing 😀
      Thank you so much. She’s still super happy about it. I’m glad she had that opportunity and we’re looking for more competitions she can enter now.
      Loved your mental health post by the way.

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  9. I love the bracelets. So neat.

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  10. I haven’t heard about friendship bracelets in a long time. We had them in school but they were different. Usually a silver chaing on which you attached small figurines given as a friend.
    Congratulations to your daughter for being a published author.


  11. i love your bracelets and it is something I want to try myself. Whether it will be a long or short project, I don’t know. But I have the required items in to make them and a book to show me how, as I have never done these before. Same with loom bands, I have never done them and I just want to try, along with pom pom animals, but it is getting myself to take time out to do it, as I seem to distract myself with other things. But the other things are good.

    I can imagine your daughters face with her beaming smile when she knew her story was going to print. How cool and I am glad you could both celebrate. Sounds like a lovely time you both have had.

    The weather has been weird here too in Nottinghamshire. I remember one night leaving work it wasn’t raining, then all of a sudden it down poured. 3 minutes from being inside my home, then it was hailstones! But for a short amount of time. I missed it, but heard it also thunder and lightened for a very short time too! The lightening which just happened twice was an electric blue. I wish I seen that.
    We have had a bit of snow, but only a bit, it did not stay long.


  12. Sorry you’ve been having a rough trot, Rhio and I hope you reach a good balance with your medication and writing…a tricky balancing act. Tread carefully and keep doing what you’re doing. You have such courage and I really love your bracelets. Very clever.
    Congrats to your daughter. Very well done.
    I’m watching a shoe called “Bondi Rescue” set with the lifesavers on Bondi Beach. They have a bagpip player on who is doing a fundraising tour. They just showed the lifeguards trying to play her bagpipes and the sea gulls leaving the beach in droves. Thought you’d laugh at that.
    xx Rowena


    • Haha, that’s funny.
      I’m sure the rough patch will end soon as I managed to sleep properly last night for the first night in months. It’s usually a good sign that things are moving in the right direction.
      Thank you for your lovely comment Rowena. Hope you have a great week xxx


  13. I love your bracelets! I am sure that your daughter is very lucky to have a mom that pays attention to what is happening in her school. That helps a lot too. This is my first coffee challenge so just popping out to say hi!

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  14. I’m supposed to be doing the washing, ironing and general tidying up, too, but thought I’d take some time out for coffee. I love the bracelets that you made, especially the penguins (because I love penguins!). 🙂


  15. Those bracelets look great! I liked Homeland a lot, binge watched it a few months ago.


  16. Your bracelets are super! What a great way to put all that energy to use and you made your friend and your daughter happy in the process. I am so happy to hear that your little one had such a great week and that she is enjoying school. I hope she continues to get the positive feed back she deserves. Have a great week (I am stuck home cleaning too☹️).


  17. Congratulations to your daughter. 🙂 Love these two friendship bracelets.


  18. Oh my gosh I love your bracelets! So creative.


  19. Love your friendship bracelets – really lovely. And sounds like your daughter is creative too, well done to her. It brings me back to when my eldest got a story published in a kid’s school magazine … she still writes and recently won a writing competition at her university. It’s great to encourage them because who knows where it might lead. 🙂


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