#WeekendCoffeeShare – Star of the Week.


If we were having coffee, and really giant bourbon biscuits, I’d tell you that I’ve missed being a part of the coffee shares. I’m still not well though unfortunately. I’ve finished my antibiotics and I’m still coughing, and I have a really delicate stomach. I’m not sure giant biscuits are the best idea, but they are so awesomely huge. I guess I’ll be going back to the doctors next week.

If we were having coffee, I’d tell you that my daughter was “Star of the Week”, Seren Yr Wythnos in Welsh. I’m always so proud of how well she works in school. She’s consistently great. I haven’t ever had to worry about her performance, and it’s something I am incredibly grateful for, especially considering how much she struggles with anxiety sometimes. Little ones been pretty happy lately. I think the prospect of going to a new better school in September has helped her a lot.



Little one still wants me to call her little one here on my blog. It’s funny though because she isn’t exactly little anymore. She’s almost as tall as me and has the same shoe size as me. I’ve been thinking a lot lately about little one growing up, it’s hard not to think of that given that she’s going to high school in September (They start high school when they are 11 in the UK). The side effect of that is feeling a bit broody. I don’t know if I actually really want another baby because when I think about it logically, it’s not a good idea, I think mostly it’s just because I realise my daughter is growing up and going to be a lot more independent of me very soon. I obviously want that to happen, I want her to be strong, self reliant and independent, and I definitely, when she’s thinking about University want her to choose the best one and not settle for the one that’s here because she thinks she has to be near me for my sake, I definitely don’t want that. However, a part of me misses how she used to be so completely reliant on me for everything, and I even biologically miss it, it’s like my body knows something is missing.

If we were having coffee, I’d tell you that I did manage to get out this week, even though I’ve been ill. It was great because I hadn’t been anywhere except to the school for two weeks. I went shopping with my mum to look for summer clothes as I didn’t have any, and my little one needed more. It’s been absolutely boiling in the UK, it’s been unbearable. It was nice to be outside though and I bought some pretty cool stuff. The favourite thing I bought was a Star Wars t-shirt for little one. She was super happy with it.


If we were having coffee, I’d tell you that I have been making more friendship bracelets, but I’ve been driven to a halt by a lack of red skeins. I ordered them ages ago and they still haven’t arrived yet. I’m hoping they get here really soon as I’m making one for one of my friends. I’m still working on the bracelet post, it should be up this week sometime. Probably Wednesday.

So hows things with you? I’m going to go and try and eat pancakes and watch little one play Minecraft Story Mode episode 6, and the rest of the day is probably going to be full of boring chores.
Have a great weekend.





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  1. It’s great to see you back to the coffee share! I’m sorry you’re still not feeling well – I hope that now the antibiotics are done it is just clearing out the symptoms. “Little one” and “High School” don’t seem to go together, but then I think of high school as starting at 16 – 11 is still pretty little, at least age wise, even if she is almost as tall as you.

    I hope you have a great week and start feeling better. Stay cool (I’m talking temperature, but yeah, stay cool the other way too 😉 )


    • I really like education in the UK, but I definitely feel the need for a “Middle School”.
      They have the same structure at 11, as the 16 – 18 year olds and they are all together in the same parts of the school.

      Stay cool, I wish! It’s only been 23C – 73f and we’re struggling! It’s been incredibly humid though so it feels hotter. It seems a bit daft to everyone else that we are struggling with 23C haha.

      Nice to talk to you again Trent, I was just on your blog, going to try and catch up! 🙂

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      • We’ve hit 30+ C (over 90F) a few times already, but it has been cooler this week. Today is humid, so although it is still less than 20 C, I am sweating.

        I do like the transition of middle-school. It introduces the kids to the high school like routine, but in a much gentler way and they don’t have to be shoulder to shoulder with the bigger kids.


      • Oh, I forgot – since it is different from here, having 11 – 18 in one school reminds me of Harry Potter since I know the concept from those stoies more than from life.


      • Haha it is like Harry Potter. There are a lot less 16-18 year olds though, as it’s only optional to still be in school at that age here. You can leave at 16 and go and get a job or apprenticeship, and 16-18 year olds can study whatever they want at school. It’s great though because they are usually really passionate about being there, because they’ve chosen to be there. It’s the greatest part of school, I really enjoyed it 🙂

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  2. Hope you feel well soon and boy hasn’t it been hot here. Did you get the heavy rain recently? We did here yesterday down in Notts and I could not believe when travelling to work how much the road near there had flooded. I have never seen it like that before.

    I have helped Mum with her shopping today and later I am going out to watch a choir, that a friend is in. So relaxing day today. Tomorrow, a little job to do in the home and what ever else comes along.


    • We didn’t have the heavy rain, just a little drizzle, we’re supposed to be getting it this week and a thunderstorm. Cant wait, hopefully it’ll freshen up the air a little, it’s so humid!

      Hope you have a lovely rest of the weekend 😀


  3. Hope you are feeling better. Bourbon biscuits. The place where I live is the bourbon capital of the world!


  4. You had me at bourbon biscuits!! I need to try and find a recipe.. YUM! Awesome for your little one! You must be so proud – that is fantastic.. Hope you are feeling better.. Thanks for the coffee!


  5. The biscuits sound good, hope you feel better soon.


  6. Know what you mean about them growing up, F’s feet are nearly as big as mine now! He has big hands and feet, and long legs, and he’s now up to my shoulder… Scary that he’s 9 in a few months! He looks after me a lot now! I get the broody thing a lot too, I was terrified I was pregnant a few months back, and then when I found out it was a false alarm I actually got really sad, even though I know I could never have a kid now (unemployed, mentally ill, poor physical health, renting a room etc.)

    She’ll always be ‘little one’ to me!


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    • Little one follows mine and my dads side of the family. She looks athletic even though she (and I) hates sport. I hated my body, I hope she loves hers.
      I would love another kid eventually. I feel like I’m not done yet. But also, I feel that because right now, my little one helps me immensely, by just her needing me. I go out and take her to school, because I have to for her, I eat meals with her because I have to for her, I take her out places because I have to for her, I guess me wanting more babies is mostly me worrying about what happens when I don’t have to do this stuff anymore like when she goes to Uni. She’s the reason I do 90% of the stuff I do, like that Hoobastank song.
      I think I need to get better mentally in those terms, because if it wasn’t for her, like when she used to go down my mums on the weekend, I wouldn’t even bother to eat properly because, “What’s the point?”. I guess that’s what happens when you recover for someone else and not yourself.

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  7. Sorry you’re still not feeling well lovely. Hope you feel better soon. Go little one, what a clever little poppet she is. Much love xoxoxo


  8. Sorry you have been ill. I hope you are better before to long. It is great feeling when one of your children does well in school. I like the concept of a middle school.


  9. I’ve never had Bourbon biscuits, so I’m keen to try! I hope you are feeling better. I love the Star Wars t-shirt you found, sequins and all! 😀


  10. I call my 18-year-old little one still, all because an old man once called her that when she felt she wasn’t a little one any more (probably around age 8.) I love the Star Wars shirt and would wear one myself.

    Feel better fast – in the meantime, I’ll try and take your share of the bourbon biscuits and anything else closely resembling.


  11. oh dear gods, bourbon biscuits… AND custard creams??!! =) =) am so jealous! =) =)


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