The Cake is a Lie – Brexit Bus


I like keeping up to date with politics, I feel it is important as a citizen of a democratic country to stay updated so that I always know exactly what I am voting for.
Lately though, our media, and elected persons themselves have been lying so much it’s been hard to keep up to date with facts. In fact, before the EU vote, it was almost impossible to have all the facts. The Leave campaign couldn’t tell us what would happen if we left because they had absolutely no plan in place if they actually won [and that is our situation now].

You might have heard that Britain has voted to leave the European Union. I say Britain and not “we” because I personally did not vote for this. I voted to stay in. I won’t delve completely into the politics of it all for the sake of my own sanity.
I have always felt a deep connection to Europe, even before I found out that some of my ancestors are French. When I visited France, it felt like my second home, and familiar even though I had never been there before. I think being part of the EU also made me feel this way, that we are one with them even though we are vastly different countries. So it hurt me when the vote came in that my British counterparts voted to leave.

The Leave camp basically won because of lies, the biggest one was printed on a giant red bus. There is no £350 million, and they never intended to fund the National Health Service with it either [obviously because it never existed].
This is basically what it should have said, in fact I really want someone to paint this on a bus :-

There is no cake.
Now our Prime Minister has stepped down so the conservative party is in disarray, and no one knows for certain who will take over in October. On the opposition side, the Labour party, Jeremy Corbyn has just received a vote of no confidence, so our political system in its entirety is in complete disarray. Everything is uncertain, and I find that so uncomfortable.

I’m not merely as uncomfortable as our immigrants are feeling, in fact I shouldn’t really moan about how uncomfortable I am because I can’t even imagine what they are going through. The Leave vote made racist acts increase by just over half compared to before the vote. There are people being told to “Go back to Africa”, people being told to “Go home”. I even heard myself someone going on about refugees from Syria. Africa and Syria aren’t even in the EU, and are not affected by the Leave vote. The free movement perk of being in the EU only applies to EU countries, OBVIOUSLY.

The person who I heard talking about immigrants, lives here in South Wales, where our NHS is completely RELIANT on immigrants. Without them, we wouldn’t have enough doctors or nurses in Wales. In fact, if you went to Accident and Emergency at our local hospital, and demanded to only see a British born white doctor, you might be waiting a few days before someone could see to you. If you had to take a taxi to get there and demanded “no immigrants”, well, good luck with that. How are people blinded so much by hate? Also, I feel we should be helping refugees, if war broke out here, and I risked my life trying to get my daughter somewhere safe I would hope that other humans would help me, and let me seek refuge. In my opinion, that is a human thing to do. To pull together, to help each other to not knowingly make someone suffer because of what exactly? “Your opinion?”, racism isn’t an opinion, it’s the noise a bigot makes when it opens its mouth. Immigrants have just as much right to be here as me.

There was a person who started a campaign to wear safety pins in their shirts so that immigrants would know they are safe with them, that the person wearing the pin stands with foreign born British people. I liked this idea originally, but then I thought about how immigrants should be able to feel safe in their own country without me wearing a pin, because it is their country and they have a right to feel safe, so instead, I will do everything in my power to help make that happen. Even if it means reporting stuff to the police, or aiding someone who needs my help. I will also always ask if that person needs my help, I fully understand if they wouldn’t want my help, them feeling safe is my priority.

So basically, this is the edited version of what I feel about Brexit. The unedited version would probably be at least 10 1000 word blog posts, and I’m sure no one wants to hear all about that.


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  1. Your bus immediately made me think of this:

    I know how you feel kind of. But I’m doing the opposite and just burying my head in the sand as far as politics go. The government here has been a joke for years, but now with the upcoming election and all the insanity that is Trump vs. Hilary, I just……. can’t. Makes me glad I live in the boonies.


    • I guess now I’m more trying to bury my head in the sand until something definite happens. But it’s really hard, news outlets have been non stop spamming my Facebook and TV with it, and with the racism stuff and it’s just so sad! I think I need a media break! At least now I’ve spoken about it here I won’t feel the need to mention it again anytime soon, didn’t feel like I could ignore in my posts that this was going on.
      That clip is absolutely hilarious, I haven’t seen it before. Thanks so much for the laugh! 🙂


  2. Very well written. I am glad to read posts like these because I have very little information and it is hard to get good information. I don’t want to be an alarmist but situations like this and Greece are things we have seen lead to world wars… and I find that a bit concerning. As you said, we should do the people thing and help support each other.

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    • It’s hard to find real information here, it’s still a mountain of propaganda, even after the vote.
      We have just sworn in a new prime minister, today actually, and no one is happy about it because no one voted for her. Also, the last time we had a woman conservative party prime minister things got AWFUL. You know how much history likes to repeat itself…. I hope that doesn’t happen.

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