Friendship Bracelets I’ve made – Part 1

I’ve been really busy offline, but I really wanted to update my blog with all the friendship bracelets I’ve made so far! All of the bracelets I made from patterns, have a link to the pattern underneath them, if there is no link, I designed them myself.

Wonder Woman Cuff Friendship bracelet.


Stormtrooper Cuff Friendship Bracelet



Pikachu Friendship Bracelet



Minecraft Pig Bracelet

Chococat Friendship Bracelet.


Minecraft Creeper Bracelet



The Fault In Our Stars Friendship Bracelet.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Pac Man Friendship Bracelet



Pretty Flowers!



The Minecraft Pig, Pac man, and Pikachu have been most popular! I’ve made a few of those!
Hope you enjoyed looking at my bracelets.
Got any suggestions? Leave them in the comments! I’m always trying to design new ones!


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14 replies

  1. Those are great, especially the first two!

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  2. I want them all 😀

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  3. Those are all just awesome!!!

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  4. My fave is Chococat 😍 Well how about the Union Jack? Or an anchor? 😎

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  5. very pretty bracelets, I liked


  6. There great, do you have a kit? My son would love this, he’s always making great stuff with loom bands and knitting.


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