The #WeeklySmile 1 – Having fun with Lego


Lil Reuben is off school for the summer holidays, so we kicked off our week with a trip to Cardiff so we could hit the Lego store! Lil Reuben didn’t want to go her school prom so I said she could spend the money I would have spent on prom on Lego instead, to reward her for all her hard work. The 3 smaller Lego sets at the front of the picture were free!


Look how ADORABLE this Lego baby is. 

The Lego store was my weekly smile, until we got home and played with the sets together, then my weekly smile changed to playing with my daughter and making the most of it. I love when my daughter is off school, we have so much fun together, it makes me wish she didn’t have to go to school so much (Despite the fact that I LOVE education). They are children for such a small amount of time, and I’ve always been very aware of that, so I love making the most of her childhood and Lego is one of the things we love to play with together. I actually think I enjoy Lego more now than I did when I was a kid. Lil Reuben makes everything more fun.


In life, we are forced to keep looking to the next step. Sometimes it’s nice to just forget all about that and enjoy the moment, and that’s exactly what we do when we play together. It always makes me smile, and always makes me happy.

So buying new Lego, and playing with it together with my daughter, made me smile a lot this week.

What made you smile this week? Perhaps you’d like to join in with your own post? Well you can. Trent over at Trent’s World – The Blog hosts The Weekly Smile every Wednesday, but people tend to add their posts daily throughout the week. Why not head on over to Trent’s blog and join in?

Just to add, Trent is pretty cool. I met him while doing the weekly coffee share posts and he’s been pretty supportive of my blog ever since. Thanks Trent!


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  1. I saw some of these pictures on Instagram – looks like a great time. We all need to take some time to just play. And when we play with someone special, well, it becomes a special time, doesn’t it? And you’re welcome – my pleasure. Thanks for the nice words 🙂


  2. Awwwwwwwwwwwwww lego baby!!

    Legos were banned from the house when I was only 5, as it it was Legos that led to the discovery that sometimes I have anger problems….


    • Haha reminds me of my brother, it’s funny as out of both of us he’s definitely the most sane now. Here’s to being angry instead of bottling it up and having adult issues (i.e me)


  3. Love Lego baby! Sounds like a lot of fun!

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  4. How fun that you get to play with legos – and with such great company too! I always loved these little lego figurines and the houses – my son has been more into the Star Wars and that lot. I love that lego baby, I’ve never seen one before ❤


  5. I want the cupcake cafe! It’s so cute!


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