#WeekendCoffeeShare -Hair cuts and Skull Friendship Bracelets.


If we were having coffee, in a very wet Wales, I’d offer you a pain au chocolat and some millicano coffee. I need the coffee, my daughter is currently suffering with sickness ‘flu. I had it too this week, and aside from the fact I still haven’t regained my appetite and get stomach pain every now and then, I’m okay. At least you don’t have to worry about catching it too, seeing as us meeting up for coffee is over the internet.

I used to find it fascinating that humans could be taken down by a microscopic bug, until I really learned about the human body, and learned the fact I’m not a “big” living thing, I’m just a big collection of little tiny things that make up one human.

If we were having coffee, I’d ask if you like my new hair. I had about four inches taken off it, and my hair is still past my shoulders. I had my side fringe cut back in, and it just makes my face look so much better when I have a fringe. Lil one also had her hair cut, but she just had a trim. Her hair grows so slowly compared to mine, it always has, since she was born. She doesn’t have any deficiencies so I guess that’s just the way her hair is. She had it straightened and she looked so grown up. Her natural hair is very wavy, so I haven’t seen it straight since the last time she had her hair cut. She really enjoyed the scalp massage the hairdresser gave her.


If we were having coffee, I’d show you my newest bracelets. I finished the skull bracelets that I was talking about last week. They look pretty cool together.
I think I might put them in a shadow box as they are a little too big to wear.


My hands really ached after making them! It was really fun though, even if it did take about 9 skeins of thread. I’m currently making a Batman bracelet.

If we were having coffee, I’d ask if you’ve been watching the Olympics? When I was ill the cycling was on, so I really enjoyed watching it and it took my mind off the fact I felt so awful. Great Britain did so well, and I really enjoyed watching Laura Trott. She did so amazing, and made cycling and winning gold look so easy. She seems like such a lovely person too. Lil One really enjoyed watching her and was cheering her on.

If we were having coffee, I’d say that I’m so happy that I’ve finished the school shoe hunting. We went to Cardiff to try and find shoes, and found some that were perfect in the second shop we went in, which was such a relief. I also got Lil One’s PE kit, so everything is sorted now. We had a lot of fun in Cardiff, and I bought some Model’s Own nail varnish and the colours are so awesome. Here’s the purple one I bought.


So how was your week?
I’d better go now and be nurse Mummy to my poorly little one.

Oh and if you like my Lego Photos and bracelets you can follow me on Instagram, where I post nearly everyday @n7rhio. 

If you’d like to join in on the coffee shares, head over to Part Time Monster 🙂


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18 replies

  1. Love your nail varnish colour! I also love to paint my nails, I currently have a great new blue varnish on. Painting my nails always gives me a little boost and makes me feel good.


  2. I’m sorry you and the little one are sick. I’m glad you’re starting to feel better and I hope she feels better soon. I saw the skull friendship bracelets on Instagram, but I don’t remember seeing the two side by side to form a whole skull. Pretty cool.


  3. The skull bracelets turned out awesome! Love the purple nails too!


  4. Sorry to hear that the flu is traveling through your home, hopefully its visit is short. We visited the hairdresser this week ourselves, and let’s just say thank goodness the stylist had a wonderful sense of humour (that 3 year old)! Anyway, bracelet looks great! Love the Lego pictures.


  5. We also have the flu in our family, I hope I don’t get it as I have an important interview tomorrow 😥 I love your Lego pics, so imaginative 💕


  6. Sorry your little one is sick. At least you took turns so you were better in time to care for her. I hope she is all better in time for school when I was little I loved back to school shopping, all the new supplies, clothes and shoes! It made starting a new school year so exciting. I am not familiar with a “PE kit,” though. I figure PE means physical education, which we also have here, but the only thing we ever had to purchase for it was, what was usually, a very unattractive uniform!


    • The girls wear a field hockey uniform for physical education. It looks really nice, it’s a skort which I just learned means a skirt which are also shorts, with the school logo on, a polo shirt and hockey socks. Just like the Olympic hockey team :).
      Little one is feeling a bit better today thankfully 🙂

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  7. Sorry you have been sick, get well wishes for your daughter. Your friendship bracklets remain of the chain brackets we had back in the forties and fifties. I haven’t seen any in a long time.


  8. I hope this week is bug-free! Love the bracelets, I’ve followed along on IG. 😄


  9. Hope you feel better soon, wonderful craftsmanship on the gloves! I can barely knit a straight line, also have nail envy, when I paint my nails I have to add time to be able to scrap the excess off my fingers 😀


  10. I do enjoy your Lego pictures and your bracelets so I followed you on Instagram. (I’m @maidinsun) I hope you’re feeling well now. I love that shade of purple (the nail varnish). It’s gorgeous!


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