A Quick Update… Before I post actual posts for once.

Hello lovelies,

It’s been a very long time again hasn’t it?
Leaving it so long between posts means my blog has more updates than when you turn on a Microsoft PC after 6 months. Haha.

One of the biggest reasons for my absence is that I have quit smoking! Yay! It’s been four weeks and 2 days since I quit. You’ll notice that, that’s just about how long I’ve been away from here. I kind of related blogging to smoking, I liked going out to smoke when I was stuck and didn’t know what to write next to allow my mind to wander, so I wanted to make sure I was safe with the not smoking thing before I blogged because I kind of thought blogging would therefore make me want to smoke… Breaking the ties and all that.


I am really enjoying being a non-smoker, I’m really enjoying not running down to the shops at all hours because I forgot to buy cigarettes and I wouldn’t cope all night without one. I’m really enjoying my clothes and hair smelling so much better. I’m enjoying not seeing my bank balance deplete so fast on horrid tasting sticks that might end up giving me cancer or other diseases.

It wasn’t too hard to quit, by which I mean, the cravings didn’t feel so desperate like they usually do. It was probably because I did it while I was still SUPER happy about moving house. I was, and still am, ecstatic about that. I also read Allen Carr’s quit smoking book, and it just made me happier about quitting, which is so helpful. I also used Stop Smoking Wales’s online tools, and that was pretty great too. I did worry about giving up smoking causing me to gain weight, given that I’ve had eating disorders, and although it was made a lot worse by a doctor I saw recently [Don’t get me started on all that!] I’ve sort of been okay. I have gained a kilogram since I quit, but I’m hoping it’s mostly because of my packed up digestive system and my hormonal issues that were caused by quitting smoking. I am having thoughts of an eating disordered nature “I’m going to keep gaining weight like this forever”, “I should probably restrict my food intake to get rid of that kilogram”, but I’m still managing to convince myself to eat. One thing that has helped is keeping my diet the same, but adding extra fruit and vegetables. I feel like I’m doing something about the whole kilogram situation, even though I’m not cutting calories.


I’m hoping it all calms down pretty soon.


I was going to write a post about everything, but I’d rather do it in separate posts, this is just a post to say everything is mostly fine and I’m still here. I have a few ideas for upcoming posts, including a post all about EMDR therapy that I had for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. It was really helpful and I’ve never really found any type of therapy helpful, but it was really effective. I’d like to share my experiences of that, to hopefully encourage people to go and ask for it too (As here you don’t need to pay for it, so this isn’t a sponsored post haha).
I also want to do a post to update you all on my little one, she’s doing amazing in school, I had an email from her school commenting on how well she behaves in class, and that she’s quote, “Doing everything right”.

I have been making quite a few bracelets since I’ve been away, and was thinking about doing a post about those, and also maybe a proper page on my blog for them. Here’s a sneak peek of that, my daughter and I wearing a couple of my latest bracelets:-

I’ve also been playing video games, and want to write a post about that. There’s so many new games out at the moment, I love this time of year for video games! There’s always something new and awesome to play, and also, something I’m really excited about, is N7 day which is November 7th. I usually do something creative that day to show my love of Mass Effect.

So that’s it for now, I just bought myself a new iron, and I’m going to go and use it on my mountain of ironing. At least the thought of using a new iron is making me think ironing is slightly more exciting than it usually is. I really can’t stand it and can’t wait for the day where technology advances to the point which means I don’t need to spend hours ironing anymore. Where is my robot housemaid that I was promised would be here by now on, “Tomorrows World” in the 90’s?

Take care lovelies.

Rhio xx







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  1. Welcome back! If I hadn’t see you on Instagram I would have been worried. And congratulations on quitting smoking! That is great! You know much more about eating patterns than I do, but I would say think about weight control by moving more, not eating less (though a kg isn’t a lot). Looking forward to seeing more posts!


    • My weight is still on the low side of normal, but one of the doctors I saw said I should watch my weight (!) because I gained a kilogram I was so annoyed she said that. What she said, set off all that negative thinking in my head when medically speaking, I don’t need to do anything because my BMI is on the low side of normal. She should have never commented on it. If my BMI was 25 or over, I’d have understood why she said that, but my BMI is 21!

      I can’t do a lot of physical activity, as I have CFS and chronic pain and what not. So it would be food intake for me, but making sure I get my 5 a day is helping my negative thoughts about my weight even though Im not doing anything about it because I haven’t cut my calories, I’m just making sure I eat healthier. If I did start trying to lose weight, people would be very worried given my past issues.

      Yes, Ive been spending a lot of time making bracelets, it’s been helping with the non smoking thing.
      It’s great to be back, the longer I was away, the harder it was getting even thinking about coming back, so hoping I can get into the swing of blogging, and reading blogs again. 🙂

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  2. The bracelets are all amazing! And the weight will go away, it all levels out eventually. That was my biggest concern as well but I’m happy to say that at 2+ months quit I’m starting to lose the little bit I gained. And the health benefits are worth it. So super proud of you!!! ❤


  3. Glad to have you back! And a big congratulations on quitting smoking, that is surely something to celebrate and be proud of 😉


  4. Great to see you again – as a non-smoker too! Congrats on your 4 week chip.

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  5. Congrats!! So good to read another blog post from you! 😀 I’m looking forward to all the upcoming posts you have planned. The EMDR therapy sounds particularly intriguing (that and N7 day).


  6. Hi Rhio! Great to hear your news. How awesome that you quit smoking, well done and congratulations!! I love your bracelets 💕💕😘😘


  7. I like your bracelets! And I do think blogging requires a break from time to time. It becomes a bit overwhelming doesn’t it?


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