My One Second Everyday Experience and 2016 video

Last December 26th, I watched a TED talk by Cesar Kuriyama called One Second Everyday.
The next day I downloaded the app One Second Everyday and tried my best to record one second of the next 365 days. I’m happy to say I succeeded. It’s the best New Years Resolution I’ve ever made, and one I will now keep forever.

As I have memory issues (thanks meds), I thought I would really struggle. The only time I really struggled was in September when my anxiety got in the way. I was told I might get a new flat, and my anxiety likes telling me, that if I tell someone good news, it will inevitably be taken away from me. So I didn’t record any seconds, until it was definite. I missed a large portion of September because of it, and I was going to try to fill in the blanks, but thought it was a part of who I am, and it should be left blank.

I was a bit apprehensive taking on this task, because I can’t work right now due to my health, I can’t even take holidays right now really, so my life isn’t really that interesting. However, after I had recorded about six months of seconds, I mashed the six months up as I don’t have a lot of memory on my iPhone and needed space to record new seconds, and I realised that even though my life isn’t that interesting, it still means a heck of a lot to me and it is interesting, to me. I was also surprised that it helped me remember every single day, and now I remember every single day of this year, even though the clips are mostly only one second long. That one second, triggers my memory and I remember the entire day.

I found myself wanting to include more seconds on good days, like my daughters birthday, and the day we visited Cardiff, and Christmas. So I did, and “freestyled” those days. This helped me realise a lot that, good days mean so much to me. That I appreciate them a lot more.

I struggled to really document the bad days. At the beginning of the year, my daughter was really poorly and she became incredibly tired. Hence the videos of her sleeping in the middle of the day and the trips to the doctors and the cough syrup for kids. I’m glad I did though, but think I need to record those days better in future. It’s important to include them, because again, it’s part of my life and hers. I wanted my video to be real. Not made up stuff because it looks more positive.

I also had EMDR therapy, those are the clips with the rabbit. Rabbits live around the mental health hospital, and I really enjoyed looking at them after my tough therapy. Again, this is so so easy to remember, because I can remind myself just by looking at the one second clips.
I’ve always wanted to be a vlogger, but don’t like the idea of recording everything instead of experiencing everything. I see too many people looking at their kids blowing candles out through their phones or GoPro’s, because I only needed a couple of seconds for that video, I didn’t even need to look at the camera. Just put it in position and pressed record, then was in the room with my daughter. What you saw through the video, is what I saw first hand with my eyes. I recorded her opening a few presents, the rest of them, I opened with her, same with Christmas. Again though, I went freestyle on those days, I could have just recorded one, one second clip. That’s all I need to remember it, but I made this mash up video, not just for me, but for my daughter too.

In the beginning, my daughter thought it was a bit silly, me getting my camera out everyday and recording something, usually her. However, now she loves the video, and she said it’s helped her remember everyday too. It was a pretty big year for her, leaving primary school and starting High school. It’s awesome we have that documented. She wants me to continue with it too. In fact, I wish I had started this when she was younger as I’d have 11 videos of her entire life.

I will be continuing this project indefinitely.

So without further ado, here’s our 2016 in 11 minutes.



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  1. What a great idea! ❤ I'm happy you have this video to remind you of the year, everyone should do this!


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