Nerdy Bracelets I’ve made this year



Astronaut Bracelet

The idea for this bracelet came to me one day, and for the first time ever, something I dreamed up in my head, came out exactly the same way when I made it. I always have this disconnect between what my brain comes up with, and what my design actually comes out like. I drew it out on iPad, and then converted it into pixel art so I could make it into a bracelet. This is my favourite bracelet I’ve made so far.


Eevee bracelet

I got the design for this one from, but I edited it to make the eyes better, and did some other edits just to tidy it up. This one took me quite a few days as it’s so wide, 37 strings wide. It’s so cute though, and Eevee is one of my favourite Pokemon.


Jolteon Bracelet

This is another design I got from but tidied it up again. Hoping to make all of the Eevee evolutions.


Welsh Flag bracelet

I made this for the rugby, and is my own design. We have the coolest flag. Come on Wales! I again drew it out and converted it to pixel art. Playing a lot of minecraft has helped me immensely with making bracelets, as I tend to see things in pixel art so it makes it pretty easy for me to make patterns.


Variegated wave bracelets.

I decided to try a new method in making bracelets, there’s a tutorial on for these and it was pretty easy. I love how effective the cool colours of the thread are against the black.


Stormtrooper Bracelet. 

Another bracelet I designed myself. I’m currently designing a Darth Vader Bracelet to go with it.


Mass Effect Andromeda Bracelet WIP

I’m currently making a Mass Effect Andromeda Bracelet. This is my own design too.
I’m really excited for the game, and also a bit worried as I just hope it’s everything I want it to be.

Hope you enjoyed looking at my bracelet makes. I’m always making bracelets and it helps me immensely as I feel proud when I finish making one, even if I haven’t got the motivation to do it I do it anyway to feel the pride when I finish.


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  1. I can relate to the ‘not coming out the way I imagined” thing.
    I have this picture in my head of a mandala I want to pain on some shelves we just put up since their plain, unfinished wood, to there for the creativity in me to do something with, but my creativity streak does not extend to drawing in any way, shape or form :(, so I’m scared to even attempt it.
    Cool bracelets though.


    • I have that issue with painting. It’s like my brain thinks I’m way more artistically talented than I actually am.
      One thing that helps with that, and especially with painting is to draw out the image you want on wood or canvas on paper, and then copy that onto the wood or canvas. I can’t free paint, it looks like a five year old did it. My daughter can free paint from her head, it blows my mind. I use a lot of reference images to draw. This was the first time I made something without doing that, and Ive been attempting art for years. 🙂

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      • I’m planning on using a carpenter’ pencil to draw what I want, wit a ruler and round objects, plus free hand too, and copy a pic of one I like from one of my colouring books.


  2. I thought the last one was going to relate to Dexter for a moment.

    These really look awesome. Do you sell them on Etsy or somewhere?


    • I’ve been wanting to make a Dexter one, as yes I’m currently watching it… Making bracelets is awesome in that I get to watch Netflix and click “Yes I am still watching” and not feel the slightest bit guilty haha.
      I have sold some to friends and family but I have to be careful as I claim welfare so can only earn £20 a week so I haven’t opened a shop incase i go over it through no fault of my own. I just sell them out of my Facebook page.

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  3. I live then all but my faves are the colorful wave bracelets!


  4. I think they’re amazing!

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